Hey, I'm Krishan. I'm a full-stack software engineer living in London. I spend my time making beautiful apps for Android and iOS.

What I've worked on

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More about me

I love making stuff people like to use. It started back in 2009, when I was studying Computing at Imperial College London. I really enjoy algorithms, and excelled at courses like Compilers (where I got to build a compiler from scratch) and Machine Learning.

Now I make apps. I make native Android and iOS apps, and often write the backend code for them myself too. I do most of my design work myself too, but I enjoy it more when I get to work with good designers. You can read more about my efforts over at my blog.

I've recently been involved with a lot of work with startups. I tried my own a couple of times, but neither worked out the way I hoped. Nowadays I help (mobile-first) startups get off the ground, by helping to scope the project (what goes into the MVP), and helping technically wherever I'm needed.

In my spare time, I work on my own projects, many of which you can see above. I especially enjoy projects where I solve a technical challenge and then can wrap it up in gorgeous branding, including things like landing pages, social accounts and social integration (twitter cards etc.), SEO, app store optimisation and general copy-writing (which my sister helps a lot with). I did this with Scopie, and it turned out awesome!

I'm also a big fan of hackathons. I've met so many awesome people at them. I've made loads of apps at hackathons, but unfortunately not many have seen the light of (Mon)day. So, I've set myself the goal of trying to produce fully-featured, publishable products at hackathons (sometimes my own at-home-for-a-weekend hackathons πŸ˜›).

I work on short-term contract/freelance work, so if you have a project you want me to help out with, you can hire me or just get in touch below πŸ‘

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